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Bill Cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a woman

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Posted 29 April 2018 - 03:01 AM

The Dentist was the one that killed me.


Dentists tell you not to pick your teeth with any sharp metal objects.  Then you sit in their chair. 


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Posted 01 May 2018 - 01:47 PM

Himself remains one of my earliest memories of laughing uncontrollably at a stand-up routine.  Specifically the "natural childbirth" bit.  Enjoying art from assholes is really difficult for me, so it now taints one of my earliest memories of comedy.


Brilliant comedy.  I think you can still enjoy Himself for what it is.  It's an act, shtick.  It's funny as hell.  The man playing the role onstage is a rapist.  It's still brilliant art.  It's ok to enjoy it.  This is where I sort of part ways with people who choose to boycott.  I'm almost never on the side of a boycott because I think it destroys art, or sports, business, or whatever.  Boycotts seem to be to be the tool of people to burn out history, or our eyes to see it.  The law dealt with Bill Cosby.  We needn't destroy him nor erase this brilliant art from the history books.  Enjoy it guilt free.  You didn't rape those women.


The baseball hall of fame, and nearly every hall of fame is filled with wife-beaters, rapists, thugs and just people you wouldn't want to be friends with.  That doesn't stop us from recognizing the contributions they made.  You don't honor the person, you honor the art.

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Posted 01 May 2018 - 02:05 PM

Something to consider. Any boycott would hurt those who worked with him. If the Cosby show is banned from TV, those other actors/actresses don't get residuals. I don't know how that works with directors/producers and crew, but it's possible.  Same deal for the audio, I guess.

So why allow this bastards actions to hurt even more people - those who spent years of their careers working on a thing?

Not that I was that much of a Cosby fan, I wasn't watching anyway. My experience with him ended at 10 years old when the cartoon went off the air for a while.


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